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“Wynwood Walls”

We took this one hour tour yesterday! The tour guide was great. He was passionate as well as knowledgeable. I highly recommend taking this tour.

– shOshieN

“Ryan Goes the Distance”

The best tours of any place should have some passion about where you are, and Ryan provides that quality in spades. Every comment on every piece in Wynwood was draped in historical context about where graffiti has come from, where it is now, and where it could go as exemplified in the high quality work we strolled through. Ryan was generous with his time going over our slot as well as empathetic to what my wife and I wanted to do or know. He is a fantastic choice for a source, a guide, or just a dude to tell you what’s up with the graffiti scene.

 – Alex B

“Great insight into mural art”

Really enjoyed our guided tour of the Wynwood Walls outdoor museum with our charming and enthusiastic guide, Pedro. He explained the history of Wynwood and took us on a short (40 minutes) but interesting tour of the curated murals in this wonderful, outdoor space. Pedro, is himself an artist, and shared his insights into the works displayed in an engaging manner and was happy to answer questions and take photos.

– 101ROD


“Amazing Tour of Wynwood!!”

We were a rather large group, but our tour guide Pedro made it feel like an intimate tour. He has vast knowledge about the history of the area, which even as a local I had no idea about. He introduced us to both local and international artists who were painting in anticipation of Art Basel. Nothing like hearing the artist speak of their work and shaking their hands. Seriously amazing – even for a group of locals like ourselves. Will repeat after Basel to see the ever changing walls. PS- Pedro even walked us into Wynwood Kitchen and Bar and they immediately (and graciously) set up a table for 12 of us to have some beers and appetizers post-tour!



“Five stars! ”

Since no one else showed up today, Ryan gave us a private tour trough Wynwood. Even though there was just 2 of us, he took his time to show us all his favourite street art and graffiti works, his passion definitely shows! And it’s free! Just go there :)!

– Vicky V


“Best tour ever”

Our guide Pedro was awesome! I was skeptical if the paid tour would be worth it, because the space is free to tour. Worth every penny! So cool to have a guide who is also a graffiti artist. The insight and perspective was unmatched. One of the best tours I’ve ever been on.

– Edgar v


“Must visit for a different experience”

I was pleasantly surprised with this spur of the moment visit last Sunday. There is a great vibe in this area which should be even better during the week when all the shops are open.

The art is simply amazing and you should set a few hours aside to truely appreciate the work. Lots of places in between to find some cold beers and nibbles and hide from the heat!

Highly recommended,

– Daniël K


“Magic work of Wynwood”

Ryan was the perfect guide; the place just great; al lot of energy and magnificent art works!. A must if you are around Miami.

– Davide V


“Wonderful guided tour”

Ryan was a pleasure to be with, and his enthusiasm for art, and appreciation of the talent of all the artists, is infectious. We have a new understanding of graffiti and I don’t think we will be able to walk casually by any street art again. I wish we had recorded him. He was smart, warm, incredibly responsive to our needs and interests, and as we walked through the neighborhood and he greeted gallery and store owners, fellow artists and other people, we got a real sense of the neighborhood. This was a great tour.



“Ryan Is The Best”

My family and I just took a tour with Ryan and were impressed beyond words. Ryan’s knowledge and passion showed with every mural we passed. He shared information about the area, the artists, and so much more. As an insider and artist himself, he is friends with many of the artists as was evident from the countless people who said hi to him as we walked on the path.
The tour was $180 for 6 of us and well worth every penny. We ended it after a little under 2 hours, but only because we were hot — he could have and would have gone on for much longer. He clearly loves what he does and were felt fortunate to have the opportunity to spend this time with him.

– Alon K via



Lugar delicioso para passear pelas ruas a pé, admirando e tirando fotos com as pinturas que existem espalhadas pelo lugar, super moderno de muito bom gosto, com muitos turistas , e restaurantes com comidinhas deliciosas,super recomendo!!!

– Monica V via



Sempre que visito o local, acho despojado e lotado de turistas sempre! Recomendo dar uma passada e conferir!

– Diego P via


“Great even if you know nothing about street art”

My wife and i did the one hour walking tour. You can of course just drive around or walk through the Wynwood Walls but getting a guide will help you understand what you see. Our guide Ryan was great and took us around the whole neighborhood, not just through the official Walls and provided a lot of context on when and by whom different murals were done. Would definitely do this again.

– Tupelo72 via TripAdvisor


“Go to Wynwood and take this tour!”

I took this tour on a family vacation and it was universally loved by everyone of all ages. I am not very knowledgeable about art or the Miami area, but after this tour I wanted to see and learn more about street art, murals, and the graffiti scene. Ryan is one of the most enthusiastic, knowledgeable, and entertaining tour guides I’ve ever had across my travels (I’m an frequent guided tour taker!). As the tour went along I got more and more interested and Ryan answered all the questions that kept popping into my head with such depth and enthusiasm. If you want to go to Wynwood and not just see the art, but to begin to understand it, take the time to walk through with Ryan. You will not be disappointed.

If you have art skeptics in your group, convince them to join you, and watch as they are drawn in by Ryan’s expertise and by the rich history and culture surrounding these amazing works of art.
-Jared K via TripAdvisor


“Highly recommend this tour for all audiences!”

My family (ranging in age from mid-50s to early 20s) really enjoyed our tour! Before the tour, we knew almost nothing about the Wynwood area, street art, or graffiti. We learned *so much* from Ryan and felt like we really got a sense of the neighborhood, its history, and the art from the tour. Ryan pointed out so many fascinating details of the murals that we never would have noticed if we were wandering around the neighborhood on our own. (He was also very accommodating to our family – some of us were a little late arriving due to a biking snafu and my dad cannot walk very fast – and Ryan was very gracious and easygoing about all of it.) Ryan’s enthusiasm for the area and the art was infectious, and we had a great time. Highly recommend to all!

– Hannah M via TripAdvisor


“Best tour in Miami!!! Not to be missed!!!”

I am fortunate to live in this beautiful city, and this is my second time doing Ryan’s tour (this time, with a friend who was visiting me). We chose the afternoon tour, and just rented city bikes, located conveniently across the street from Panther Coffee (meeting point). Ryan the wheelbarrow is very passionate about Wynwood’s art scene, and on this tour he will give you insight about the pieces, the artists, and the legal aspects involved in the development of Wynwood into a mecca of urban art. I believe that the tour is made much more interesting by the fact that being artist himself, Ryan can identify and explain the various methods used in the pieces. Perhaps the highlight of this tour, in my opinion, is that Ryan was incredibly excited about some of the pieces, almost like he had just seen them for the first time. I got the impression that he really loves doing his job. My friend loved it, and I also had a great experiencing another side of Miami. Will be back!!!

– Joyce G via TripAdvisor


“Mucho arte”

un lugar increible !!! el entorno lleno de arte ,es un maseo maravilloso sobre todo para los que nos gusta el arte

– eugeelias via TripAdvisor


“Highly recommend this tour!”

Ryan the Wheelbarrow was clearly a very knowledgeable and enthusiastic connoisseur of the street art in Wynwood and truly loves sharing his enthusiasm on tours. We went to places where there were amazing murals that I’d never even seen before (I live nearby) and he gave detailed background on particular artists and artist groups and also how the movement progressed from the 80’s to now.

It was very hot and then stormy, but that’s Miami. Both before and after the tour you have many options for libations and food, and Ryan did point out some interesting local haunts to check out, such as Jugo Fresh, Panther Coffee, and Zak the Baker. Great tour!

– Melissa S via TripAdvisor


“The hidden gems of Miami!!!”

My friend and I took this tour without planning it. We were in the area that day, received a flyer with the info for a Saturday tour, and we decided to rent a couple of citi bikes and started a wonderful ride. The tour guy was very knowledgeable, he took us to places were even locals don’t go and we saw some amazing art. It is definitely one of the best experiences in Miami. Something to do besides going to the beach and shopping… the ride was complementary, Ryan offered us drinks during the ride and the best part was the passion he showed while talking about art, it was truly remarkable!!!!

– NatsScreenName via TripAdvisor


“DEFINITELY DO THIS!!! Best of Miami”

The Wynwood Mural Tour is great for hip-hop lovers, graffiti lovers and all art lovers! If you can, take the private tour with Ryan as my friends and I did. Ryan picked us up at Panther coffee, which was directly across the street from a Citi Bike stand. We rented our bikes from the Kiosk (so simple, so cheap) and off we went. Ryan was so detailed! He knew about every wall and its artist at length. He had no problem answering any of our questions and even finding artist walls we heard about, that were off his scheduled path. Wynwood is amazing, the graffiti art is spectacular and Ryan was the best. If you are in Miami, are over the South Beach Scene, or just love art, the Wynwood Mural Tour is a must!

– fshngrl via TripAdvisor

“A perfect way to see Miami’s street art”

Arranged a tour on short notice, which they were able to accommodate. Highly recommended for fans of graffiti/street art

– evoque via TripAdvisor

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    Posted by wendy diamond| June 28, 2016 |Reply

    Just a very quick note to THANK YOU for the wonderful time spent with you during our corporate 4 day trend trek in Miami. Ryan was absolutely fantastic. We were greeted with passion, warmth and unique stories about the artists who painted at each wall. All of our teams were highly impressed and as it turns out, the Wynwood Walls were the highlight of our time with customers in Miami. Thank you so much for your dedication and attention to detail.

    Wendy -NYC

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