EVENTS- Team Building/ Live Painting

Forget the trust fall events and golf tournaments; Team Building Events don't have to be corny or boring. Shake up the creativity with your team using spray paint! Collaborate with your squad under the direction of authentic, experienced graffiti artists.
Create a masterpiece together or battle it out between teams.  This private group event can be done in collaboration or in a competition format. Miami’s Best Graffiti Guide offers two unique locations to host the event, MBGG headquarters in Wynwood and Pedro AMOS Galeria in Little River. We travel domestically and internationally to host events. 
This style Team Building and Live Painting events are a guaranteed, unforgettably great time anywhere in the world. We take pride in customizing the event based on our clients objectives, needs and mission. Since 2016, NO event has ever been exactly alike, but EVERY event was exactly what the client wanted and more... facts.